Business Valuations

There are many situations – contentious and non-contentious – where it is necessary to determine the value of a business, shareholdings in a business, or the assets of a business.

These type of valuations are often complex, being dependent on a number of internal and external factors such as economic and industry-specific drivers and the processes of the business in question.

We can be appointed either in an advisory capacity or as independent expert (party appointed or single joint expert) to provide an independent expert business valuation to the standard required for use in court proceedings. We have also acted in the capacity of party appointed shadow expert in order to assess the reasonableness of another expert’s business valuation. Shadow experts can either identify key areas of challenge to a valuation or provide a party with confidence over the reasonableness of a valuation as the case may be.

Where we can help

  • In commercial transactions when buyers or sellers are looking for a guide price
  • For capital gains tax purposes, when businesses or shares are transferred between connected persons
  • In commercial disputes, including shareholder and partnership disputes
  • For inheritance tax purposes when shares or assets in a business are not subject to relief from tax
  • In matrimonial disputes requiring share or business valuations
  • Transaction pricing
  • Professional negligence claims.

We are also experienced in the valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets, partnership interests, share options, employment-related securities and the capitalised value of lost earnings.

Why choose Harwood Hutton?

  • With our background in accountancy, we bring practical commercial insights to bear
  • We can identify and consider the key factors relevant to an individual business and assess the most appropriate business valuation methods to apply in each situation
  • We consistently produce robust business valuations upon which key decisions can be based.